The origin of RAPL dates back to 1985, when started an engineering unit to cater to the jobbing needs of large scale industries covering private and public sectors.

In 1989, while it continued its function, also ventured into Projects type of jobs and won the contracts from Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. for establishing their LPG Bottling Plants.


Tireless and dedicated team work of its staff made the company to earn good reputation with the oil companies. Encouraged by this the company desired to expand its business in bottling area and moved to its own premises at Industrial Estate, Guindy in 1993 as an SSI unit. The location gave RAPL immense scope to compete with other bidders for LPG Bottling Plants and won contracts from IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, AOD, Assam, etc.

In 1997 RAPL acquired a spacious premises (22,800 sq.ft) to carryout its operations right on the National Highway, a fast developing Industrial stretch.


The factory is accommodated in two locations with a combined built up area of 10,800 sq. ft and an open area of 22,800 sq. ft. This infrastructure permits present activity and future expansion programs also.


Necessary care has been taken in providing proper machinery in excellent working condition which meets the current industrial standards and of updated technowledge.


Every care is taken to document customer requirements at the time of proposal and carrying through, subsequently while executing the order by working in CAD environment and through system documentation.

The system documentation here refers to freezing the base specifications at all stages during the process of manufacture and final testing, clearing, installation and commissioning.

The TQM extends to both inward and outward movement of materials. The company makes its purchases from the reputed suppliers and subjects the materials to physical and chemical tests on a random sampling basis to ensure its genuiness. Test and Guarantee certificates are insisted for accepting a standard bought out component. Stage wise monitoring of quality of subcontracted items are carried out by the companies' quality control engineers.

Our subvendars are being validated and approved in regular intervels on their quality norms and the delivery schedule.


RAPL employs qualified executives, engineers, skilled and semi-skilled work force at Office and Factory for carrying out the operations. Our current strength is 50 in total.


The company does not have a single case booked for any statutory deviation over a decade and has in its possession assessments computed up-to date under all the Laws (Excise, Sales Tax, Income Tax etc.)


The company has trained labour and enjoys the support of committed man power and keeps its industrial relations in high standards.


The national Small Industries Corporation Limited in its assessment about the company has recorded that the company can do conveyors and conveyor systems worth Rs.3.6 lakhs (7,943 USD) per shift. On this basis when calculated over the year (300 working days) the company is capable of achieving turn over of Rs.22 Crores (4,854,369 USD) in two shift operation.

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